Project description

Radom Digital Library is created by Municipal Public Library in Radom.
 The aim of this project is collecting all accessible regional documents scattered and stored in many libraries, institutions, information centers in Radom as well as outside the town, up to the time. Collecting them in one place, allowing people general access via the Internet and protecting valuable, old publications, which are in danger of total destruction is one of the main aims, too.

In the first stage of our formation work, not only the documents of   Municipal Public Library in Radom collection were digitalized and placed on the server but also periodical publications from  National Archive library in Radom were included.

The project has an open character. Any cultural, scientific and educational institutions , information centers interested in it are allowed to publish their own collections and present their achievements via the Internet. Private collectors interested in our digital publication are also welcome to include their own collections and borrow valuable documents in order to make their digital copies.
We will respond for any proposal which can enrich the collection of
Radom Digital Library and expand general knowledge about the town of Radom and the region.

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